Apollo-Gaia Project

Director: David Wasdell


The Arctic region is currently showing the fastest moving response to global warming and climate change anywhere on the planet. This presentation provides a definitive overview of the situation, drawing together the best available resources from a variety of institutions around the world. It combines observations with analysis. Predictions are developed using skills of best visual fit to data trends rather than depending on models or mathematical equations. The presentation is divided into two main sections. The first deals with observations of temperature, ice area, ice volume and rate of change, and is supported by analysis of the underlying causal feedback mechanisms. The second part explores some of the consequences and implications of Arctic Dynamics, for the region itself and for the wider world, both physical and social. The language, though scrutinised for scientific accuracy, is free of technical jargon and kept as close as possible to the clarity of spoken English.

The presentation of Arctic Dynamics is offered in two complimentary media. The video output is divided into two 20 minute interviews corresponding to the two main sections of the presentation. The lavishly illustrated videos are available in HD and in a range of lower resolutions. To access either part, please click on the appropriate visual below. After viewing, close the video link to return to this page.

The written text is provided as an illustrated PDF which can be downloaded, printed, or viewed on screen.

Comments on the Arctic Dynamics Presentation

"Congratulations! Have now seen video through and am deeply impressed by the way you get the whole Arctic issue across. Better than I could have done. This deserves maximal exposure in the world." Peter Wadhams - Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.
"A very high impact presentation indeed! ... I would like to emphasise the importance and value of your brilliant work, and invite you to speak once more at the ICES Biennial Workshop here in Geneva - in front of 45 chosen people." Bob Bishop - Chairman and Founder of BBWORLD Consulting Services Sàrl and President and Founder of The International Center for Earth Simulation, both Geneva-based organizations.
"I spent time listening to your video in which I found to be a very compelling argument for climate change impact of potentially horrendous proportions in the immediate future. ... I felt the quality of this recording to be far superior to some of the previous ones you made. I think you have reached the capacity to produce a very professional level of video presentations." George Dorros - Completed a long career with the World Health Organization. Professional expertise in the field of Change Management.
"I have watched both your presentations - fascinating of course, but chilling. Both talks are beautifully clear and warmly presented. Your talks deserve the widest possible audience." Hetty Einzig - Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer, Institute for Transformational Futures, and Be The Change.